Benefits of Hillwalking


In addition to improving your cardiovascular fitness levels and reducing your body fat through aerobic exercise, hill walking offers many additional benefits which far outweigh those which you can achieve simply by pounding away on the treadmill. Firstly, unlike the gym, if you live close to areas like Slieve Gullion and the Mourne Mountains the fact that you’re surrounded by nature can often be more motivating than being stuck inside the confines of a gym.
It’s also a great stress reliever. Walking amidst the natural environment can often give you some breathing space to think and to release tension naturally and if you set yourself challenges each time you go out into the hills, it can build your self-confidence too.

Walking in small groups provides time to interact and form friendships with people from different areas and interests.

Children and Teenagers

Nothing beats the freedom of walking in the hills and breathing in the fresh air whilst taking in the views of the scenery surrounding you. Outdoor activities promote friendship and teamwork because participants often have to rely on each other and this challenges people both physically and mentally.
Hill Walking is a physical activity with many health benefits. Participants can gain confidence and improve fitness at the same time. Hill walking groups are provided with a rucksack, boots, waterproof clothing, hat and gloves.

Outdoor activities provide a more ‘even playing field’, giving children an equal opportunity to learn.

There are many benefits for participants. Some are listed below;

A sense of responsibility
An awareness of their potential
Understanding of strengths and weaknesses
The ability to learn from and give back to others
New relationships
Skills including problem solving and communication
The ability to lead and work as part of a team
Sense of satisfaction